PH Meter 0.01 High Precision Water Quality, Tester with 0-14 PH Measurement Range, Suitable for Aquarium, Swimming Pool

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PH Meter 0.01 PH High Precision Water Quality Tester with 0-14 PH Measurement Range, Suitable for Aquarium, Swimming Pool, Indoor Outdoor

【3 calibration packages】Let you no longer worry about whether the ph meter is accurate, the 3 calibration packages we give can help you test whether our ph meter is accurate.
【Mini Size】The mini size ph meter we designed allows you to easily put it in your pocket, so you can take measurements anytime, anywhere. It can help you test it whether you take it to the pool, on a trip, to the beach or camping.
【Family Essentials】As a tool to improve the quality of life. Can be used to test drinking water, swimming pools, PH balance in aquarium, RO system, spa or hydroponics. Basically all the environments that need to test PH value can use this tester to get accurate data.
【High Accuracy】ph tester has a sensitive electrode sensor ,simply press “ON”, It only takes a few seconds for your result to appear on accurate pH levels. The included detailed manual will show you how to get the best accurate and stable reading.
【Automatic Temperature Compensation】No more need to take care about the temperature of testing liquid,as the Ph Meter Has an Auto Temprature Compensation Feature That Adjusts to Water Temperatures and Water Quality.

Instructions for use of PH calibration powder:
Calibration powder: pH standard solid substance. It can be used after adding water. Suitable for the calibration of any type of ph meter. Each package can prepare 250ML standard solution.

(Be sure to add water according to the required ratio, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the calibration and increase the error)

Please note that the PH pen probe is a glass product and is a fragile product. Please do not collide with things. Once the damage is not replaceable, you must protect the probe. After use, use absorbent paper to gently absorb the water on the probe.

Matters needing attention:
PH meter has been calibrated before delivery, the buyer does not need to re-calibrate after receiving the goods!

In the following cases, the PH meter must be re-calibrated:
1. Has been used for a long time after calibration;
2. Special electrode use Frequently;
3. The measurement accuracy requirements are relatively high.

Standard configuration:
1XPH meter with opp bag
3X calibration powder
1X instruction manual

Questions & Answers:

1. Q: How often should I calibrate my ph meter pen ?

A: One calibration can last for about half a month. When the electrode exposed to air for extended period of time, users should calibrate it. When testing polluted water quality, more frequent calibration is required to ensure the accuracy of the test value

2. Q: Can I test two kinds of water without calibrating ?

A : Yes , but when testing the liquid that is not pure water or distilled water, after the test, you need to put it in pure water or distilled water, wash it and wipe it dry, and then test the next liquid (to ensure the accuracy of the value of the next test liquid)

3. Q: Why my ph meter switch and digital display are not sensitive ?

A: It might be caused by low battery. Just replace the battery and it will work again.

4. Q: Can I use this to test Urine ?

A: Yes , it can. The test liquid must not be corrosive, which will damage the accuracy of the glass probe and shorten the service life of the glass probe.

5. Q: What if the calibration result is wrong?

A: Assuming that the calibration result is wrong, the pen recognizes ph 9.18 or ph 4.01 after calibrating ph 6.86 .

Step 1: Take 50ml of purified water or distilled water, and then import one pack of 6.86 calibration powder, stir evenly, put the PH pen probe in water for One Hours.

Step 2: Then turn on the pen, press and hold the CAL button for five seconds, then let go, the value flashes, and the END calibration is completed.

Except the ways above, you could long press the switch and calibration keys at the same time for five seconds, restore the factory settings, and then test.

( The test difference might within 2% with reset control , and the powder calibration's test difference is within 0.1%-1% )

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    Отправили и доставили быстро, всё целое, работоспособность проверю позже и дополню отзыв.

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    проверил на калибровочных растворах, в принципе нормально. показывает близко к заданному, калибровать не стал. убрал раствор на потом. использовал для приготовления воды для полива брусники и клюквы подкислив до 3.5 ягодами 🙂 доставка не долгая. не понятно было какой стороной ставить батарейку.

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    Todo perfecto, viene sin baterías. Falta probarlo.

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    Received product in good condition. Shipment by store was very fast! Product works very good. Top seller!

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    livraison très rapide produit comme décrit

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    Пришел за 3 недели, комплект как в описании. Спасибо.

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    Se ve en buenas condiciones, debo comprar las pilas para poder probarlo

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    Muy util y fácil de usar…. en 3 semanas tenía el producto en mi poder (chile)

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    Ph-метр получил, всё отлично. Надеюсь, проживёт больше года. До Екатеринбурга ехало 14 дней. Покупкой доволен, продавца рекомендую!

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    дійшло швидко, без батарейок.

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